Modern Slavery

Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking.   

Suzette Jones, Development Officer 2020 works with those hoping to end modern slavery. She hopes that at Mothers Union we can help her cause’

 So as Mothers’ Union Members, what can we do?

 · Take out your mobile phones and put the Modern Slavery Helpline in now! 08000121700; For concerns about labour exploitation The Gangmasters Labour Abuse Authority on 08004320804 

When you see something, when you know the situation is not right, all you need to do is telephone, tell of your intuition –if it does not feel right it, it probably isn’t.

Want to remain anonymous? Call Crimestoppers on 0800555111

In an emergency 999

· Put up a poster in your church, church hall, workplace, community centre

· Download the Safe Car Wash and the Farm Welfare Apps

· Go on The Clewer web page and find out more

· Talk, tell your children, your grandchildren of today’s slaves, the 136,00 living in our communities

· And last, but not least – prayer, pray for the trafficked, pray for the enslaved,

Pray for those working day & night to rescue and support victims.

Pray that we see the unseen. 

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