AFIA (Away from it All)

Away from it All  (AFIA) in Newcastle Diocese

Away From It All (AFIA) is a Mothers’ Union holiday scheme, primarily funded by our members, to give the opportunity of a break to those who may be experiencing stress or difficulties in their family life. Families are able to spend time together away from their stressful situations at home, engage in activities together and have fun. They often experience healing in their relationships by spending this quality time with each other.

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AFIA holidays in Newcastle Diocese

The last months have increased the demand for away from it all holidays. Many more families have suffered traumas and MU know that they would greatly benefit from a break away. Our AFIA Rep has worked tirelessly to try and book suitable accommodation. Prices have increased enormously as the demand has grown. The thank you letters which have been received show just how much the families appreciate their time away.

A typical letter says”
“I just wanted to write and say thank you so very much for the holiday. We had the most amazing time. So lovely after the challenges of the last two years. My Dad said he came home feeling much brighter and more positive about life after really struggling losing my mother. They were together 55 years. My son at his check up at the hospital showed improved blood pressure and kidney function,

his specialist saying his health had really improved by de stressing. It's been more than ten years since we've had a family holiday and more than two years since I've put my feet on the sand or in the sea and I am so very grateful. Thank you ever so much from us all. God Bless to you all! In these harsh times so wonderful to find some kindness!”


As well as providing Holidays Newcastle MU help fund daytrips for parents and children in families who would otherwise not have the opportunity.

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