MU General Meeting 2018


Mothers’ Union General Meeting

Celebration Service

 Mothers’ Union General Meeting

Celebration Service

The Collegiate & Parish Church of

St. Mary,  Swansea

          This beautiful Church was the setting for two important events at the General Meeting of Mothers’ Union which was held in Swansea in September 2018.

The first was the Celebration service which was held on the day before the General meeting.  To accommodate the numbers wishing to attend there were two Services, at 3pm and 6pm. 

I attended the 3pm Service and in a packed church we stood to sing the Processional hymn “Tell out my soul”, this immediately set the tone for a wonderful and meaningful service of worship.  We later sang, “Guide me O thou great Redeemer”, (we couldn’t go to Wales without singing that hymn!).  It is one that I have greatly enjoyed singing since I was a child.

We were fortunate to have the Archbishop of Wales, The Most Revd John Davies, give the Address, he spoke about how important it was to be attentive and pay heed to God’s wisdom.  He then referred to MULOA (after an initial mix up in the order of the letters!)  After being roundly corrected by the congregation he spoke very movingly about Mothers’ Union Listening to each other and to God and how revitalising it would be if proper attention is paid.  He referred to the decline in membership, which is a concern, but he also was very impressed by the Action and Outreach of Mothers’ Union, and the difference that is made to so many lives.  It demonstrates true love, as we are taught in Corinthians Chapter 13.  The final hymn “Love Divine” left us with a wonderful feeling of joy and purpose as we left to prepare for the General Meeting next day.

We returned to St. Mary’s Church the next evening after the General meeting for a Welsh Choral Concert.  This was a more light-hearted but no less joyful occasion.  We were entertained by the Morrison RFC Male Choir, Parti Llwchwr, a ladies choir, and Iona Jones, soprano soloist.  There was also a violin solo by a 13 year old boy.  The programme was varied and the singing was just wonderful.  We were all able to join in “We’ll Keep a Welcome” at the end of the evening. 

What a welcome we had in Wales, from everyone we met, especially all the MU members who organised this event so very well.  If you can, do come and join us as we go to Portsmouth next September!!

Sheila Walker  VP

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